Group Descriptions

Binge Eating Support Group:
This group supports adult members in looking at the emotional triggers to binge eating. We work to remove the shame over failed diets. Over 70 years of research shows that diets do not work. As we begin to look honestly at our underlying needs, we start to put the binge eating puzzle together. Group size is no more than 8.

Eating Disorder Support Group:
This group supports individuals in learning effective ways to safely feel and move through emotions. Restriction and the many forms of purging are triggered by an overwhelming urge to escape from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Group members will learn to identify the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they decrease the cycle of shame and guilt. Group size is no more than 8.

Codependency Support Group:
This group supports adult women in finding their voice. Codependency stems from a belief that our identity is tied to pleasing others. Together we explore the fears associated with meeting our own needs vs constantly care-taking others. We will move through the fear of rejection so you can stand proud in your truth. Group size is no more than 8.

Group Supervision for IMFTs:
This group consists of Marriage and Family Interns who are in the process of collecting hours for their licensure. A supportive and knowledgeable environment will allow you to gain clinical insight and increase your effectiveness with patients. Group size is no more than 8.

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